Little Bit Lit

You Animal!

$29.50 USD

Dimensions: 11 x 10 inches

Using vivid imagery, fascinating facts (that will blow adults’ minds, too!), and a hit of humor, You Animal teaches children that although they’re very different from the world’s weirdest creatures—from pistol shrimp to surinam toads to water bears—they also have a lot in common this them. Barnet and Hastings (of Sisal Creative in Charleston, South Carolina) ingeniously end each animal’s entry with a question that leads kids to see a piece of themselves in the creature, sparking both curiosity and compassion. “We hope that the connection readers feel with the animals will spark a deeper conversation about the future of the animal and animal conservation,” says Hastings. “If our youngest readers connect with animals and the natural world early in life, they're more likely to become Earth-conscious adults.”

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