Oso & Me

Robinson Shirt | Eat Your Ice Cream

$50.00 USD
  • Made with Organic Cotton Poplin
  • Custom piping & custom stacked buttons
  • Perfect to tuck into pants or leave untuck with shorts

Oso’s take on the classic men’s shirt, the Guayabera Shirt, or “summer shirt”! This shirt style became popular for hot or humid weather (particularly in Cuba, the Caribbean and Mexico) and is known to have pleats that run down the front. It is often considered formalwear — but not our Oso take on it. Yes, it can be worn as a party shirt, but also as an everyday shirt. It’s as if we mixed the guayabera shirt style with a classic baseball shirt into one (the stitching from the back down the front of the shirt comes from classic baseball shirts). So good, we named it after the famous Jackie Robinson.

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