Hello Kiboro

Mahalo Shirt

$50.00 USD

From the makers of Kiboro:

This shirt is so special! First, it is made out of the most sustainable fabric on earth, but we will explain that to you later.

This shirt is constructed of more than 6 panels, making it very unique. We created this piece to be unisex and to be worn by all. . We highly recommended  wearing it with an entire denim outfit to have that uniform feel, or like an overalls, without the issues of diaper changing or potty time that we all know can be a problem.

And last but not least, this dream fabric is a fully up-cycled denim, made of scraps and discarded textiles from mills. It uses minimum water consumption , has no synthetic fibers and is chemical-free and dye-free. This means it is bio-degradable, while being mindful of your baby’s sensitive skin.

Made in NY with fabric by the new denim project in Guatemala.


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