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Knit Trousers | Jacquard Rose

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Baby jacquard trousers are made from a blend of alpaca wool and synthetic fibers in beige and pink all over. The main reason for the presence of synthetic fibers in woolens is that they add softness. Pure wool is known to be warm, but unfortunately, it can be itchy or tingly. When blended with synthetic fibers, the wool becomes softer and more supple, and the strength and stretch are increased. On the other hand, synthetic fibers increase the insulating power of wool and make it easier to care for.

This means that the warm, soft, cozy, light trousers will not deform or crease.

Jacquard is the knitting technique used to design the roses and green stems. Where usually the threads of the patterns are stretched on the reverse side between each pattern, they have been knitted as a lining. It is no longer possible to get your toes caught in the wool when putting on these trousers with their elasticated waistband. The bottom of the legs is tightened by a woolen ribbing.

A pair of trousers to adopt to make sure your baby will spend the winter with warm legs.

Ref: V204/BEIGE

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