Kids Cottage Nail + Lip Set

$20.00 USD

Duo set containing: 1 Bella pink nail polish + 1 cherry lip gloss.
54% water-based nail polish, easy to apply and washable.
Colourless, hydrating and fruity lip gloss (97% ingredients of natural origin).

Ingredients lists always look odd, wanna know more about this kids set?

Sodium styrene/acrylates copolymer: this film-forming agent improves the general texture of the polish, so it's easy to apply.

: used in all sorts of cosmetic products (including organic ones), this clear, odorless fatty alcohol comes from natural fats and oils. Its emollient abilities improve the texture of our dear Rollette.

Palmitic acid: this fatty acid is also a great emollient, it helps the lips trap the moisture.

Ammonium glycyrrhizate: isolated from licorice plants, this one is known to restore suppleness.

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